Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The return of the brocante post

 Its been awhile since I did a Brocante post so I thought I would share photos from the last one I visited. Remember the Marche de Place d'Aligre (read post here) I visited a couple of weeks ago? It turns out that on Easter Monday, a big brocante takes place there with about a hundred stands.  As befits the nature of the neighborhood, there was all manner of stuff available for sale. And as it was a bright and scorching hot day, droves of people turned out for the brocante.

Unlike other brocantes, this one had more than its fair share of vintage clothes.  There were a few stands selling what seemed to be the dustiest and raggediest looking clothes I ever did see. Its a measure of how dusty they were that I didn't even attempt to wade through them though it didn't stop a good number of hardy souls. I couldn't even take photos that's how packed they were!

So I left them to it and wondered around looking at other stands and look what I found....

A stand selling someone's collection of pencil sharpeners from the 50s! These were made in Spain and are in metal and came in various shapes and forms.  How neat are these?

Baccarat crystalware...
One stand had stacks and stacks of scarves but her prized piece was an Hermes one, proudly set aside from the rest ......

But my absolute favorite was this antique travel vanity case.  It came complete with a mirror, little tweezers,brushes and perfume bottles in this beautiful leather case. It really must have been something to travel like this before all the size and weight restrictions.


  1. We adore brocante posts, pink princess! love the sharpeners. and yes, that traveling vanity case is so interesting! A throwback to another time.

  2. Aaaaah! Love this post! As for those sharpeners, I think those are PlayMe vintage sharpeners from Spain. I scored one at the Makati Cinema Square thrift shop for Php100! It was a die cast PlayMe cash register!