Monday, May 16, 2011

Dinner date

 Visiting Montmartre is a little like finding a secret Parisian village.  Its hilly location allows for some spectacular views over the city and there are little houses tucked inside imposing gates.  Of course there is the usual tourist circuit concentrated around the Sacre Coeur as well as the less savory side of Pigalle, but there are also quiet streets full of quirky boutiques and small charming restaurants.

We found one such restaurant when we dined, a deux, in Chez Pommette.  This intimate and warm restaurant is perched a top one of those high Montmartre streets which on a clear day looks all the way out to the Pantheon.  They even have the benefit of having a tiny terrace which was then happily occupied by two ladies with their apero drinks.

I need to come back and take a daytime picture, the better to show you the Pantheon!
 I'm happy to report that the food at Chez Pommette was savory, fresh and appealing to the senses and the palate.

We started with fresh roasted asparagus wrapped with prosciutto ham topped with ricotta cheese.  And since asparagus are currently in season they tasted wonderfully fresh and if I may say, spring-like.   The ham and cheese complimented the taste wonderfully.

For the plat, I decided to go with the fish served with black tagliatelle noodles and a serving of pineapples.  Very savory indeed, with the noodles balancing the briny taste of the fish.  The pineapples served to lighten the flavors of the dish and the sauce was a nice counterpoint.

And while I was happy with my fish dish, I must say that I was happy to take a bite of the pan fried veal and roasted potatoes just across me!

Dessert, always the best part was delicious! Their ile flottante, this sweet confection of vanilla meringue like dessert served with delicious creme anglais, was easily one of the best I've had in a while. Its not easy to make good ile flottante because its supposed to be light tasting despite all the calorific ingredients but this one hit all the right notes.

And ooh, their chocolate fondant cake was yummy and freshly made.. Unlike other restaurants, the fondant center of the chocolate came out warm and gooey...
How could I not take a photo?   Chocolate together with more cream and I was in heaven.....

One last fond look before we hit the road....

Practical details:

Chez Pommette
86 bis, rue Lepic
01 42 64 90 54


  1. awesome dinner date, pink princess. you know i love soft meringue, too! gosh too sugary but i cannot resist. oh and surprise, you gave me an idea - i have some asparagus, a hunk of ham and ricotta in the ref that i have been meaning to use!!! thanks for that. :)

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  3. Looks amazing - so fun that you get to explore so many areas of Paris. XOL

  4. Gosh looks great - looks like you are having fun :O) Have a great week in PARIS yeah :O) Ax

  5. What a gastronomic delight! Your commentary adds a lot of oomph to the pics. And that ile flottante looks short of divine!

  6. Montmarte! I will never forget that place because that was where the pepe le pew-like character hit on Caroline and took us on an impromptu walking tour. Hahaha! Your dinner looked so yummy! I will copy the asparagus dish :) Did the ile flottante taste anything like canonigo?

  7. Hello,
    Here via Happy Homemaker. I enjoyed reading your post. I'd love to visit Montmarte!

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