Monday, May 9, 2011

A reverie

 Whenever I think of idyllic summer days, I have in my mind a river scene. Now, I haven't actually had much experience wading in rivers or spending lazy days along a river bank, but in my dreams, I've already been there. I've laid out  a red and white gingham picnic cloth on the grass and set out a proper spread of cheese and grapes, a hunk of bread and a jug of cool apple juice.  Of course I would also have packed several books with me.

Yesterday, I might have found just the spot for my reverie on this side of the river Moselle.  This river is a tributary of the Rhine in Germany and runs through Luxembourg till the Lorraine region of France.  Its total length is an impressive 546 kilometers.

But where we were was peaceful and slow with hardly a ripple to show.  The small meadow was dotted with wild flowers, their faces turned to the sun.

Next time around I will have my picnic by the river bank ...


  1. what a lush, quiet spot you found there. that scene does beg for a picnic doesn't it. i can almost smell the fresh air.

  2. How peaceful and gorgeous.
    I think of the seaside or beach when I think 'summer'...I'm from California so we had a lot of oceanside...but both rivers and beaches mean water!

  3. Nice. I've always admired your prose. :)

  4. Pink Princess, what a lovely place! Looking forward to see pictures of your future picnic :)