Monday, May 30, 2011

A Picnic come true

We finally found a spot closer to home for our picnic. A fifteen minute drive outside the city took us along the banks of the river Marne, a tributary of the Seine in the little town of Gourney sur Chelles. We weren't the only family with this idea and there were a number camped out with their barbecue equipment and frisbees. Yes, frisbees in France!

Our spread was a lot more modest (mostly charcuterie, fromage and baguette) but I was hungry enough that by the time we laid out our feast, the thought of taking photos somehow escaped me!

No matter, I soon made up for it by taking some shots of where we were starting with these ruins of an old gate. I'm not sure how old they are, but they certainly looked old enough to be picturesque.

This particular stretch of the river is a sanctuary for various birds. We saw mostly ducks and geese and there was also a majestic white swan.

Isn't she lovely? And aren't the babies cute?

Then she did this completely funny thing..I suppose she was diving for fish, but it looked so much like she was mooning us, swan style!

A last glimpse before heading back..

Next time, we'll head out along the little towns along the Seine and see where it leads us


  1. The ruins are indeed picturesque. As with the swan and her li'l cygnets.