Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guessing game

We were taking a stroll when I spotted this store window. Isn't this cute? And so unexpected for this store. I'll leave you to guess which store it is. Clue...they're famous for their ultra expensive bags (check the background for a glimpse of some of them!), some of which are named after some famous ladies.

I'll be waiting to hear from you!


  1. guessing game!!! a bagmaker with a horsey on display? hmmm, wasn't birkin an actress? ok, i'll stick my neck out that maybe it's a hermes store.

    lou in san fran

  2. i saw google images of the early spring window displays of hermes in the flagship store and it looked so different...but i know hermes like to harken back to their saddle-maker origins...maybe it is hermes???

  3. You guys guessed it right! It is Hermes and its their store in the 6th arrondissement.