Monday, May 16, 2011

Fruits of the season

In an effort to make more healthy meals for the family, I've been trying to buy vegetables and fruits that are in season.  Now Monday is normally the day when our usual vegetable seller is closed. Fortunately there is another place which remains open on Mondays and I was pleasantly surprised to find them carrying such beautiful produce. 

Just look at these gorgeous tomatoes of all colors. They were labelled les tomates du village and I'm sure would make a wonderful salad with...mozarella cheese!

 Up until I read Market Man's post (read here), I'd never seen a red basil in my life. Imagine my surprise to find it here! Sitting all quiet next to a juicy looking watermelon.

 Apricots are now in season, along with cherries, and these looked and smelled divine!

 Okay, I said I'm trying to buy only those in season but these ...are my favorite! Take a guess what this is?

Clue: they are tropical fruits, are extremely sweet when ripe, but are wonderfully sour when unripe and perfect for salads!


  1. holy cow, are those mangoes? ayayay!

  2. Gosh love fruit from the market - we need markets here in Denmark - have none really - Ax

  3. Definitely mangoes! :) But not the variety that we're used to here. They're probably from Thailand? Lovely photos by the way! :)

  4. @Teacup Moments and Grace in Full Measure: youre both right! They're mangoes