Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scene from a movie, bis

Maybe this beautiful weather we've been having is the reason for the movies currently being shot in town because on my way to check out a brocante, I ran into another scene being shot!  As always, curiosity won out and I stopped to look. This time though, I didn't recognize the two actors.  And unlike the last time, there wasn't anybody forthcoming enough to share any information.

Still and all, I managed to sneak in a few shots..

the male actor looking pensively into the background...

They were filming what seemed to be a heated discussion between the two with the girl storming off afterwards

I didn't recognize her either but she's extremely thin, the way most actresses are

Anybody know who they are?

As for the brocante, it was unfortunately not as interesting as others I've been to.  Fortunately there was another one much more interesting that I will tell you about in another post! Stay tuned!


  1. Its my first time coming here, its really nice blog :)

  2. Oh, another sighting. Going starstruck eh, Pink Princess? Hehe. :) I really wonder how those actresses stay as waifish as they all are. (Envy.)