Saturday, April 2, 2011

A secret

Today, I'm going to let you in one of the city's best kept secrets....

Come along, I promise you won't be disappointed.
It begins right above where the Viaduc des Arts begin

I want to take you to La Coulee Verte, this magical strip of planted area built high on top of an ancient railway track.  Where the Opera Bastille now stands used to be the end of the line that ran until 1969. Its here that you will appreciate the city planners genius because instead of completely destroying the line, they took off the tracks and created a pathway planted with the most gorgeous chestnut trees, cherry blossoms, fragrant roses, bamboo and other flowers whose names I wish I knew.  In addition, they created little pockets where one can sit on a bench and take deep lungfuls of air that suddenly feel cleaner just because we're higher up.

Its not very long, only 4.5 kilometers long but once up there, you have a feeling of being outside the city.  Paris with all its noise and stress suddenly seems very far away. Here on the Coulee Verte, you can stroll and linger and not have to scurry to and fro as is our wont during our every day lives. Or you can sit quietly immersed in a good book as the sun warms your face.

I love cherry blossoms and here they are in their full glory...

 A peaceful little pond albeit missing a few fishes

Its funny to be this high above the street...

Ah, it ends in a pretty little park complete with a foot bridge.  Time to lie in the grass and catch a few winks...


  1. Oh what a lovely space! :-) So much to see in Paris, I really need to visit you guys soon!

  2. A 4.5 km elevated walkway park in the city. Wow, it may be a cinch for marathoners, but for us local folk, might there be some tricycads available? But really, that's one place I'll have to look up if I get to go back.

    lou in san fran

  3. Wow, that is cool creative planning. Great story! Your photos are lovely.

    Thank you for linking to Post of The Month Club - I hope you'll be back for April! XOL

  4. thank you for sharing this secret! what a pretty and wonderful pocket of calm!

  5. Wow! A brilliant turnaround for a railway track that could otherwise have been left in the dust. There is a moral here for urban planners (especially in densely-populated Manila)that a city needs to be, above all, livable.

  6. Even for long-living Parisians this is a surprize! Plus it looks sunny and warm on your pics...You must have had a great day there!