Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Making up for last week's rain

After we finished our walk along the Coulee Verte, we found ourselves in the 12th arrondissement.  The heart of this largely residential arrondissement is arguable the Place Felix Eboue with its magnificent fountain of lions. The two major streets of the 12th criss-cross here and becomes a busy hub for the residents when they gather for the twice weekly market. The market features a dizzying array of vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry and seafood. There are even several cheese stands to choose from.  It is reputed to be the longest and oldest marche in Paris.

That weekend though, the space was turned over to a huge brocante of over 250 stands.  And unlike last week, it was a beautiful day so everyone was in a great mood, perusing the different wares.  I wasn't really expecting to find anything as the sellers were mostly professional ones selling major items like furniture and silverware.

So I meandered about taking a few pictures here and there...notably this man's collection of apothecary jars

This stand's beautiful chimney cover... when I spotted it, I had a pang of regret that our chimney has been bricked over ....
 It wasn't till almost at the very end that I spotted something that made me gasp in surprise. Well, it was more like a squeak of surprise since it was totally unexpected. Do you remember the stand from last week's brocante selling the old mini lamps? Well, there he was with his crates of lamps! Unfortunately his wares were significantly diminished but I did manage to find a pretty one.  Just take a look? Isn't this just adorable? I love how the fact that its all glass reduces the kitsch factor. Now if I just have to find oil and we're good to go. That and make sure our house is insured!

The lamp alone made my day and I was happy to go home but I had one more unexpected find and its this pretty crocheted collar necklace sewn with glass beads. Its so pretty and I can perfectly imagine it sprucing up my basic shirts.

Here it is hanging from my vintage frame

A close up shot of my lovely collar
 Needless to say, I went home happy and pleased as Punch!


  1. oh that collar! LOOOOVE! that chimney cover sure is pretty!!! those are marvelous finds, pink princess!

  2. Wow! You have the eye for "a thing of beauty." Great purchase. Heart the lamp and the collar. V. lovely.

  3. Fantastic finds!!! :-) Oh and that fireplace screen is BEAUTIFUL! If your chimney has been closed but fireplace is still there, maybe you can still put a decorative screen. It really is so pretty!

  4. I am in wholehearted agreement GFM! The chimney screen looks lovely. Must say the items you purchased Pink Princess are great finds. :)