Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scene from a movie

 We were going to the BHV (Bazar de Hotel de Ville), a rather big all around department store to return some nails I'd bought (which were the wrong size!) when we were stopped by a young man with a serious mien (and headphones). I thought he was going to ask for directions, but no, we were asked to stop because they were about the film a scene on the street we were at.  It was then that I noticed the big cameras, lights and cables that littered the street.

This piqued my curiosity so I did what I was asked, all the while craning my neck to catch a glimpse of the scene. As far as I could tell, the action was taking place inside a pharmacie. Hmm...and since the first guy I asked was rather cagey about who was there, I crossed the street (the better to check out what was going on) and asked another person. This time, he was more forthcoming and he said they were shooting a film called Paris-Manhattan which was going to hit the theaters in Dec.

 I didn't actually expect to see anyone famous, but just as we were about to leave, the actors came out of the pharmacie. So the scene extended outside onto the street and I saw Patrick Bruel. He's a rather popular actor-singer, (at least with the girls), who projects an easy going charm in his appearances. Unfortunately my camera didn't quite capture his visage and all I got was this shot of him on his bike, as moves away from the pharmacie!

This is what he actually looks like....
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Its funny what one encounters while running the most banal of errands. I wonder when I'm going to see Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Maybe while buying bread?


  1. awesome! how cute if you ever see brangelina doing something so banal like buying bread or cheese. french actors are not so familiar to me, but many months ago i saw this lovely lovely movie starring Juliette Binoche entitled Summer Hours. so much vintage art inspiration!

  2. I love it! I get so star stuck like a total dork. That is so cool!

  3. Hahaha! How cool is that?! :) If it was Roger Federer on that bike, I would have chased after him like a mad woman...