Saturday, March 3, 2012

A sweet taste of Algeria

From the outside, this cafe doesn't stand out from all the other cafes that line the streets of Paris. But the  cold as well as the wonderfully steaming cups of mint tea being drank with gusto by the cafe's regulars convinced me to step inside. 
And what a wonderful surprise it was inside! You are greeted with the delicious aroma of sugary  pastries and mint tea. Tesnime  is an algerian patisserie and tea salon.  They serve a wide variety of Algerian sweets, each one more mouthwatering than the other.  I couldn't help but take pictures even before choosing which tasty morsel to try first.

Here are pastries based on pistachios and almonds..
Algerian version of the baklava with the honey still melting off the pastries

Chocolatey desserts with different nuts..

It was extremely hard to choose which ones to bring home.  And I've forgotten what they're called, those that did come home with me. But what I remember well is the taste.  They are redolent with the taste of honey and spices and they are hearty too with none of the fluffiness of French pastries.  Washed down with a steaming cup of mint tea, this afternoon's gouter  made me think of warm exotic lands.


  1. Ha! We are on the same page just now. I also just posted something about food! Let me read this again to taste them in my mind!

  2. Oh, I wanna go back to Paris when I look at that Pastry. Good news is, that at least I get decent Croissants and Baguettes now due to the new and really authentic Frech bakery that opened a few month ago!

  3. oh my, what a wonderful tea place!!! i would love having what you call gouter there!!! Such mouthwatering treats which I bet really taste so well with mint tea! Great thing you went in!!!

  4. How scrumptious!!!! :) Must have been awfully good to pair the sweets with mint tea!