Monday, March 12, 2012

Salon du Vintage

check out that fur coat!

Friends, I can definitely tell you that vintage is here to stay. This weekend was the spring edition of the bi-annual Salon du Vintage in Paris and it was jampacked with literally thousands of vintageophiles.  Ten minutes after taking these pictures, it got to be too crowded for me to take another photo.  I seriously do not know how that happened. I suppose I should count myself lucky to have even been able to take them!

Population wise, there was a wide spectrum of people walking around. Lots of vintage loving girls, obviously, dressed to the nines with retro and vintage finds. But there were also lots of regularly dressed folks, middle aged couples and families complete with poor sweating children in their strollers.  I think most people had an eye out for clothes.  Everywhere I turned people were eyeing clothes or trying them on. Nothing would deter them from going through the racks and racks of clothes. It was amazing to see.

But while the majority of stands featured clothes and accessories, there were also stands that carried retro furniture --lighting fixtures, tables and kitchenware and
60s-70s era chairs  were for some reason, the prominent features of 2 stands. Here
and here.

All told, still an interesting experience but I think for the next one, I'm going to go either really early or just before they close! 

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  1. glad you got to snap a few for us! the fur coat is truly unlike anything i've seen with the colored tiers. sounds like a super fun, if busy and bustling fair.