Monday, February 27, 2012

A couldn't help it post

I've been living in Paris for a while now and I still haven't figured out how to get all the shows I want to watch. Case in point: the Oscars.  Maybe its a little cheesy or kitschy but I love the show. I guess its not so much who the winners are though there are some years when I get all worked up about who wins what (remember when Kristin Scott Thomas Oscar went to Frances McDormand? grrr), but the show of clothes.  When else would all the glittering stars come out in their full glory right?

This year I couldn't help but check out all the fashion blogs and news sites for all the photos. And I couldn't help but compile my own list, so to speak. Its not very long so please bear with me.  Photos courtesy of and

Jessica Chastain was certainly the showstopper of the evening with her wonderful Alexander McQueen gold embroidered dress.  I'm a sucker for embroidery so that definitely got my vote!

Now, I love Emma Stone ever since I saw her in Easy A and last night's outfit was a great one for her.  Its relatively modest but glamorous and super classy. I love that red color!

Who doesn't love polka dots? I certainly do and it was quite a surprise to see it on Natalie Portman. She frequently wears Lanvin so this Dior dress was a surprise. But then again, she is the current Miss Dior face so I guess its not such a big surprise.

And last but not the least is a special mention for Jennifer Lopez, master of out and out va va voom-ness..I think only J-Lo can wear this dress and get away with it. Or at least not have it look so trashy.

So there you go folks. What do you think, did you ever any particular favorites?

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  1. Emma Stone's outfit is definitively my favorite. Classy,as you said, glamorous enough for the Oscars and lovely for her young age, too. I loved The Iron Lady so I'm glad Streep won. I haven't seen The Artist, but I found the leading actor a bit too pretentious for my tastes. My eldest saw the Clooney film and was disappointed he didin't won, but is very happy for Payne! We do need fun and glamour in life, so hip-hip for the Oscars! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. Have a fab week!