Monday, February 13, 2012

Raclette night

When temperatures drop, one of my absolute favorite meals to make is Raclette!  There really isn't much cooking to do and it is one of the heartiest meals you can enjoy on a cold night.

All you need is the Raclette machine where you basically melt your cheese, a charcuterie plate of your own making, potatoes and the most important ingredient, loads and loads of cheese. And of course a bottle of wine to wash everything down.

It is so much fun to do and creates such a convivial atmosphere around the table.  I tried to be reasonable by cooking my cheese one at a time...

But later on, I appropriated a second "ladle" to have some more cheese. Greedy I know.

 Look at it, bubbling away..

 Eh voila, all the cheesy goodness spread all over the potatoes.  Notice how I have another slice on reserve?

This is one winter meal I look forward to every year. Maybe I'll get to do another one before the season ends.


  1. I love raclette and how easy it is to fix up dinner with a raclette maker. i love your pitcher, btw! just lovely.

  2. Oh lala1 Delicieux!Τhere is something so hearty about this kind of dining that satisfies the soul. Be happy!

  3. Wow, is that a stack of sliced raclette I see??? YUM!!!! And how fun!!!