Friday, February 4, 2011

The new kid on the block

I was coming home after running a mundane errand, as errands often are, when I noticed the façade of a brightly lit store. Up close it was even more interesting as it was chock full of chocolates. It seems that a new chocolate shop had just opened. This is no ordinary chocolate shop however, as it proudly carries the distinction of Meilleur Ouvrier en France or the MOF. This distinction, which is unique in France, is  awarded to those considered the best in their craft or trade.  Originally created in 1924, the MOF seeks to recognize the savoir-faire of craftsmen and has now evolved to include trades in high technology. I dare say though that it carries much weight for those in the artisanal trades.  Here in France, much pride is taken in producing the best bread, best pastries, chocolates and even butchers.  To be awarded such a distinction is to be recognized by one’s peers in the trade as well as the grand public.  How then can I resist the opening of a store that carries such a distinction?

Georges Larnicol is in the biscuit and chocolate trade and is originally from Bretagne.  Tempting and luscious chocolate displays abounded but the house speciality is the Kouign Amann, a sweet pastry made predominantly from butter. Lots of it. Fortunately for our respective cholesterol levels, he has decided to make smaller versions of his sinful dessert—the kouignettes. It comes in different flavors including pistachio, caramel, citron, framboise and chocolate. As everything looked equally scrumptious, I opted to try the plain, citron and caramel. Verdict? A sweet mouthful that is even better when warmed up so its all gooey and soft and literally melts in your mouth.  Be warned though, you gotta work off all the calories you get from partaking this sweet goodie.

the house specialty

The Kouign Amman

There was nonetheless a huge selection of macarons, which uses no animal fat and only vegetable dye

Pots of caramel which is another Breton specialty

Chocate piece montee

Rows of different chocolates and biscuits

Am I the only one tempted by the chocolate lollipops?

The beautiful chocolate display


  1. these looks sooooo good! interesting specialty. i love the pots of caramel! i'm a sucker for caramel.

  2. T, me too! One giant pot of caramel please!!!! Oh and one large salted caramel macaron!!!!

  3. Those pots of caramel, evil, evil, glorious evil. Want them!!!

  4. I know! I was super tempted by the caramel too! But I figured, I had to be reasonable. I'm going to go back though!!

  5. Looks heavenly and sounds scrumptious! Can't go wrong with caramel. I wanna go so bad!