Sunday, February 27, 2011

Capital de la mode

Returning from an evening stroll, we came across a photo shoot. Suddenly a normal quiet little street turned for a brief moment into a backdrop for fashion. Excitedly, I whipped out my camera to record the moment. Alas, my enthusiasm wasn't matched by my camera's capabilities hence this blurry photo.  But its exciting when Paris lives up to its title--capital of fashion.


  1. How exciting! :-) Who was the model? Wala atang masyadong mga uzzi dyan ;p

  2. haha si pink princess - uzzi. joke... i took a walk along the rue du bac one holy thursday and found the chapel where st. catherine laboure was blessed with a vision of the blessed mother. thereafter, she created the miraculous medal. further down, i made a right turn on rue de sevres and located the chapel where the body of st. vincent de paul rests. oh, paris!

    lou in san fran