Sunday, February 27, 2011

La Dolce Vita

For many, Rome is the Eternal City.  Indeed, there are layers and layers of history to be found in this city which was once the capital of one of the mightiest empires the world has ever since.  For such an ancient city it carries its age well; its old buildings living harmoniously, even nonchalantly with its young inhabitants.  I love that there is always something to new discover.  We stepped off well- trodden and known paths and our reward was the discovery of a charming part of Rome, we hadn’t seen before.

Trastevere lies across the river Tiber and is a wonderful area to get lost in. It is full of narrow medieval lanes and footpaths and flower garlands from potted plants as well as clothes hung out to dry decorate the buildings that lie cheek by jowl.  In the afternoon sun, its hues were of the Mediterranean,  ochre and warm orange, yellows and even salmon.

The beating heart of Trastevere is the Piazza di Santa Maria with its lively bars and cafes and of course, the Church di Santa Maria.  A seat in any terrace in this piazza provides a good spot to watch the passegiata that starts every afternoon and lasts till the evening hours.

The church from which the Piazza gets its name

Its too bad my camera couldn't quite capture the beauty of the interiors

Away from such bustle in the Piazza, there are quiet little restaurants and even tinier curio shops.   I never would have expected to find a vintage shop in such an area (though, I don’t know why I should’ve been surprised), but there it was, tucked modestly between food shops.  The lady who runs the place has a good eye as the store was stocked full of beautiful leather bags and jewelry from the 30s and 40s.  But my favorite find was a little bookstore with a most curious name—Minimum Fax. If I understood correctly, the name originated from a small publishing house which then turned into this lovely little bookstore.  Its from here that I bought my favorite souvenir from the Eternal City.

Its quiet now because its still cold but I can imagine it packed during the summer

A small restaurant that appropriated an old wall
La Garbante, the vintage store
Isn't this a cool bookstore front? 
I was so happy to find Sasek's "This is Rome", its my favorite souvenir of  Rome


  1. that vintage shop looks like a jewel of a store! and the book cover of the Sasek book is so nice! seems like you had such a great time on this last trip!

  2. Charming photos! :-) Makes me want to go on a trip myself!!