Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A magical little store

 The Village St. Paul used to be known for its antique stores and weekend antique fairs. People used to come in droves to browse the different offerings on display.  Unfortunately, an overzealous mayor closed down the weekend market and since then the Village has become much quieter. Many stores were obliged to close. Only rarely now are there weekend markets.  My favorite of the antique stores however is still open. Its this tiny shop filled to the brim with all sorts of things. I first noticed it because of the lights. It seemed to be full of light so I wandered in.  Imagine if you will then the store full of little lamps of all shapes and styles.  No wonder it was so bright.

After my eyes got accustomed to the light, I looked around me and found that they stocked all manner of things. From those old fashioned French cafe bowls to linens to kettles to bird cages! All of them well preserved and beautiful in a lived in sort of way. These things look like they had stories to tell if only they could speak.

Just look at their wall, full of light scones and frames and other bric a brac....

Today as I walked by, they had changed the display and put in the window this pretty little kettle.
To be sure the store is not for everyone, especially those with an eye for all things new and modern. But there's something to be said about a place that carries so many items with soul.


  1. pink princess!!! i am so happy you put up this blog! you know i adore the charming photos of the flea markets and the quaint shops you visit.i've bookmarked the site and i will be visiting your blog frequently. :)

  2. Pink Princess, KPO, I WANT THAT ENAMEL KETTLE!!!! Waaaaaah! I am so entertained by this post because one of my favorite pastimes is rooting around local thrift shops! Nice post!

  3. fullmeasure, and i want the mongrammed napkins beside it! pink princess, you probably never run out of little magical places like this in paris. take us around with you! ha ha ha...through this blog, he he he.

  4. Luveet!! So quaint and charming. I can imagine all those lamps tucked here and there and adding so much character to the place. :)