Friday, January 21, 2011

All it takes

When we took a walk outside our usual haunts the other day, we discovered a wonderful new cookie and chocolate shop called Meert. What attracted me was their wonderful window display.  Meert’s window featured wonderful gift wrapped boxes and a lovely cake stand filled with what looked like the most delectable waffle cookies. One look and I had to step in.

Inside, even more delights await the visitor.  There was box after beautiful box of the most sinful looking chocolates. There were mendiants with their mix of pistachio and orange, sables in dark and milk chocolate, truffle filled ones and various assortments of chocolates from all over the world. If that weren’t enough, they also had scrumptious looking candied fruits, caramel, marshmallows and confiture. I tell you, my head spun just taking in all the goodies that surrounded me. 

Isn't this a wonderful display of goodies?

The yummy boxes of chocolates

Finally, hard as it was to narrow down my choice, I went with a box of the house specialty –La Gaufre Vanille.   But as was painstakingly pointed out to me, these are no ordinary waffles. They are vanilla filled waffles made according to the Meert’s traditional recipe dating back from the 19th century. They even hold the proud distinction of having been the official supplier of King Leopold I in 1864. In more recent history, their waffles were the personal favorite of General De Gaulle. So you see how I had to have a box of them right?

Now the question is, did the waffles live up to their not inconsiderable hype? The answer is a resounding YES.  They are simply divine.  One bite and the vanilla explodes in your mouth in a creamy burst while the waffle cookie acts as a melodious counterpoint to all the sweetness. The taste transports me and I can well imagine King Leopold likewise enjoying the taste centuries before me. 

I have to restrain myself from eating more than one at a time, heck, from not finishing the whole box in one sitting. It is that good.

I think its safe to say that I’m going to be frequenting their establishment.

La Gaufre Vanille

a clever way of packaging the cookies

 I couldn't leave with just one box so I indulged in one of their chocolates. Its too pretty to open so I'm saving this pleasure for another day...maybe when it turns all gray and snowy and I'll need a little pick- me up.

Practical Details
16, rue Elzevir
75003, Paris
01 49 96 56 90


  1. Pink princess, your photos are great! I'm not a sweet tooth but I think you just turned me into one with this post! :)

  2. Hahaha! I love discovering little shops like this!

  3. I totally adore the window display especially the cloche! Love how you described that vanilla wafer! Do you have a picture of it? I want to see! Do a post on the candies once you've opened them, okay? :) Went to my daugher's family day in school today. I took a picture of a beautiful dessert buffet which was set up with cloches. Will do a post on it :-)