Monday, January 17, 2011

A day out of the city

 Yesterday was a blessedly sunny and mild day for winter.  A visit to a family member in Versailles was the perfect way to take advantage of such weather.  No matter how many times I visit Versailles, a glimpse of the castle always induces  a sigh of appreciation. It truly is a wondrous place, one worth visiting over and over. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised as Versailles used to be the capital of the French Kingdom for close to a century.

And while the Chateau de Versailles is the main draw for the hordes of tourists who come by train, bus or car, it is also a thriving and modern suburb of Paris.  One proof being, the Starbucks that has just set up shop not far from the Mairie or Town Hall.  I never noticed before but the Town Hall is itself a pretty imposing looking building. It has beautiful grounds and provides the perfect photo opportunity to couples who get married in the Mairie.

Our discovery of the day was, no, not the Starbucks, but a little creperie place not far from it.  It doesn’t look like much from the outside but I’m so glad we gave it a try. Believe it or not, it is hard to find a place that does decent crepes.  Usually the crepes are too dry or too thick or not tasty but Le Dolmen actually does pretty good ones. They have a good selection of savory crepes and an even better list of sweets.  We downed our crepes with good cidre and we left with happy bellies.  All in all a pretty sweet day.

As we were hungry, we chose the Gargantua and it had cheese, tomatos, ham and ground beef! It sounds a bit like a strange combination but it was delicious!

For desert I had to try their caramel crepe.  So yummy!!


  1. Hi Pink Princess. Now am missing Versailles too! Can't wait to come back and try the crepes. They do look yummy :) -travelchicme

  2. Pink Princess, I was so overwhelmed by the beauty and intricacy of the castle but when I stepped out into the gardens, the castle was immediately overshadowed by the magical gardens!!! Beautiful!!!

  3. hey pink princess, how coincidental, i just read that the versailles hotel will open in Jan. 2012! gosh i want to go back to the Chateau as i didn't get to thoroughly explore the Petit Trianon. those gardens just kill me! again, my by now familiar refrain, let's all go together!