Monday, October 31, 2011

My latest find

Remember the post by Teacup Moments on the Brookly Flea market where she showed us a picture of a vintage card catalog? (Read it here) Well, I've been searching for something similar to that for awhile now but haven't found any until....drumroll please...the last brocante I visited about a week ago.  

I spotted the drawers sitting quietly on the floor of one of the last stalls on the street and immediately had a little flutter of excitement.  This metal set of drawers from the 1920s used to sit inside a building receiving mail from the occupants of a particular building. It has since made its way around the city and now sits comfortably in one corner of our salon, just waiting for me to fill it up with loads of little beauties. I was so pleased to have it though it took a royal effort to clean up the years of dust and dirt it had accumulated. It still has its nicks and scratches but it gives it a well-lived in look. Definitely one of my best finds yet!

 Marvelous find aside, I also want to share with you  a couple of pictures I snapped of the other great things I saw. For some reason, the brocante was full of children's things.

Just look at these gorgeous antique dolls all dressed up with their pretty dresses and hats.

 Little wooden toys that have that have that smooth patina of long years of loving use by little hands.

 And just check out these vintage pencil cases, all in solid wood. Cool huh?

 And the most curious thing was this little frame which turned out to be a document holder from the time of Napoleon III.

All in all a great brocante!


  1. my goodness, the card catalog looks - so precious! i really love it and especially adore the color and the traces of its storied past life. and how gorgeous is that Napoleon era document holder. and those wooden pencil cases just kill me. what a brocante of treasures that is!

  2. Ooh, so fun! What great finds! I'd love to go shopping with you :) Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! XOLaura

  3. The card catalog is GORGEOUS!!!!! So are all the other things!