Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Great food

I'm closing this series of posts on Spain with some culinary highlights.   I love Spanish food and it was great to really indulge. Just looking at these photos make me crave some tapas...

Delicious bacalao and its side dish of sweet salad

 Manchego cheese drizzled with some olive oil and accompanied with almonds

An impressive fried calamari that managed to still taste light and fresh..
An impressive fried calamari that manages to be light
 Chorizo. How can I pass it up?
 Fried aubergine with honey.  Everywhere we went, we saw this dish. It seemed to be some sort of regional specialty. We finally gave it a go and to our surprise it tasted exactly like......banana-Q!!! (Note: Banana Q is a delicious Filipino snack--bananas fried in brown sugar, if I remember correctly)

 Pimentos de Padron. Simply divine.
 And finally, one of the best Paella's I've ever had the pleasure of tasting.  Served on the dish by a Nerja local called Ayo.
 The paella is cooked everyday using this ginormous paella pot. Yummy!