Friday, July 1, 2011

Secret garden

I have this little routine that I do when I come home after being away so often.  The day after I arrive and after doing the chores that have accumulated in my absence, I take a little walk around our neighborhood. Getting reacquainted if you will, with the people in the neighborhood--the cheery folks selling fresh vegetables, my favorite boulanger with my preferred bread. I even take a peek at the couple who take in all our drycleaning.  We visit the park that's next to us, just to see if there are still as many pigeons there.  Its a nice sort of way to ease back into the home routine.

After Madrid, we decided after the walk to head further out and maybe do a bit of window shopping. We headed towards the Bon Marche but along the way, we got distracted. 

In the middle of all the Haussmanian buildings, there seemed to be a quiet square that I had never seen before.

 Its small with a few benches but enough trees to make it seem like a secret garden. Its the perfect spot to sit and read a good book. Or to make a little break from the hurly-burly of daily life (snacks are optional).

 There's even a little slide, perfect for a little one with a yen for big adventures.

What a nice homecoming treat!


  1. perfect spot to go to with a book! i'm planning the same tomorrow - we'll walk over to our arboretum to relax. this whole week i've been up to my neck in chores. i brought home tons of laundry and i had the urge to reorganize my pantry and kitchen so my blog has been unattended to! it's taking so much time for me to get back to my normal!

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Your blog is lovely, and I'm so jealous of your travels.

  3. Lovely secret garden! Perfect place to unwind :)