Thursday, March 10, 2011

Under the bridge

This post on last weekend's brocante is late but I just have to share it because it was in a very pretty location. It was held just under the Pont Alexandre III along one of the quais of the Seine.  And as it was a sunny and crisp day, it made for a nice little outing.   The bridge was built in the 19th century and named after Tsar Alexander III.  It connects the Grand Palais on the right bank to the Invalides on the left bank. Many consider this to be the most beautiful of Paris' bridges. It is adorned by beautiful statues of cherubs and nymphs and the celebrated winged Pegasus which you can see from the photo above. 

As for the brocante itself, it was not a very large one as you can see from this photo. But there were a number of interesting stands..

Someone's collection of old lamps and clocks...

A collection of miniatures...

And after all this time of visiting brocantes, I've never seen anyone with as big a collection of stuffed animals,bones and old scientific instruments as this stand....

I was a bit freaked to see the stuffed alligator, sitting up on the shelf...

Just before leaving, I spied this old fashioned camera, the kind you used to put a cloth over to take the photos..

And it came with the last set of photos taken by it...I'm extremely curious about these folks in this photo...

As for my find of the week, it was of the consumable kind...up at the bridge, there was a man roasting chestnuts the old fashioned way. I love roasted chestnuts and I couldn't resist treating myself to a bag. It was deliciously piping hot. A delicious way to end our little jaunt along the Seine.


  1. What a bizarre stall of scientific curious! Pretty good visual merchandising skills though :) Hmmmm, now I want chestnuts too!

  2. interesting camera and photos. pictures like that always pique my curiosity too. and hey, yes, nothing beats roasted chestnuts.

  3. So looking forward to our brocante day when I visit you this summer! :)