Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Come stroll with me

The view from the Puerta de Almodovar
 Exploring the medieval lanes around the Mezquita means opening up your senses.... .

There are romantic paths

with fragrant flower bedecked walls,

old patios richly decorated with ornate tiles and flowers from where rich cooking smells waft out,

quiet courtyards with splashes of brilliantly colored flowers and only birdsong to disturb the calm,

beautiful stone fountains

 and pools,

 And arched doorways leading to secret hidden places.

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  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely :-) You should enlarge your photos pinkprincess, so we can see more of the details! I'll teach you how. In editing your post, click on the HTML tab. You will see all sorts of computer gibberish but zero in on the "height" and "width." Beside the "height" and "width" are numbers which dictate the size of your photos. You can alter the photo sizes by adding an equal amount to both the height and width, say plus 50 each. It has to be equal or else the images will be warped. Try it! :)