Monday, August 1, 2011

Paris Plage

 You won't guess it from these photos, but the last two weeks have been cold and rainy and not at all summer like.  Yesterday was the first real sunny summer like day. To celebrate the return of good weather (may it continue like this!), we decided to take a walk and check out Paris Plage.  For the past couple of years now, for a month during the summer, the quai of the Right Bank turns into a beach.  Yes, you read that right, a beach.  Sand is brought in, bright blue beach chairs and umbrellas are set up, hotdog and ice cream stands all line up, ready to serve the beachgoers. And while there are some who sniff at the idea of such artificialness, there are more than enough people who come and enjoy what's on offer.

Where there are normally cars whizzing by, this part of the quai has been turned over to bathing suit wearing sunworshippers.
 There are several outdoor cafes, such as the one pictured below, which come equipped with lounge chairs.
 I wonder where they get the sand....I suppose people don't care, they just lay their mats and get ready to tan.
 And because it can get scorchingly hot, they've even put cool mist dispensers...
 Nothing says summer like ice cream and this one is proving to be a huge success!


  1. We had the same weather here. Right now it is gorgeous but they say that will change tomorrow afternoon. That sucks! But your pics are awesome!

  2. Wow, who knew? Sounds like fun, and it looks like it has warmed up :) Thank you for linking to and joining Post Of The Month Club! XOLaura

  3. it jars doesn't it, finding a "beach" where you least expect it. but they seem to have done a tremendous job for the paris plage! and hooray for ice cream! so summery.

  4. How interesting! :) No swimming I suppose, just tanning? Ice cream, yay!