Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Food trip

For me, an indispensable part of any trip is enjoying the local food.  I've always thought that there wasn't much fault to find with Italian food but we were warned that eating out in Venice could be a hit or miss thing.

We must have lucked out because every meal we had was delicious. Even our hotel was great for the aperitif.  Just check out this little table right where the canal entry is...Isn't that pretty?

Now I want to share with you the food highlights

To start with, there's cicchetti which is Venential style tapas, all made with fresh fish and sea food. Very interesting with flavors ranging from lightly salted to piquant hot!

 There's pasta of course, but this one from the Osteria di Santa Marina, was lobster pasta on black ink tagliatelle noodles. Just scrumptious. I think I made the next table's night when they caught a glimpse of the rapture on my face after taking one bite of this heavenly dish!

Much as I love pasta though, I think the real winner was the frito misto from Osteria Vecio Fritolin.  This traditional seafood platter lightly dipped in batter and then deep fried was perfect. The seafood tasted incredibly fresh (thanks no doubt to its close location to the Rialto Market) and while it was deep fried, there was no oily after taste or feeling of grease.

And what better way to end a meal? Or to take a break from all the walking? Nothing beats a Gelato!

And of all the ones we tried, this artisanal tiny hole in the wall shop we found by accident was my favorite. I had their wonderful stracciatella and quite happily finished it in minutes! I didn't even have time to take a picture of it!


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  3. Food is definitively part of a nation's culture. i read all that you've written with great interest. I think I'd like the frito misto. The other day we watched on TV a documentary about Venice and it included the seafood tapas. That was rather funny but interesting.
    Thanks for the tour!